Dynamics of Nature

Sol Mednick Gallery, University of the Arts

211 South Broad Street, 15th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

On view from November 4 – Dec 2, 2016

Dynamics of Nature features recent works by Kathryn Kolb (2013-2016); twelve large-scale photographs of southeastern landscapes and landscape details. Images range from sunlight on forested slopes in the North Georgia mountains to abstract treatments of coastal island palmettos, colorful tulip poplar and sumac leaves. Print dimensions are 27.7" x 18.5," framed prints are approximataely 30" x 40."

For more information contact Harris Fogel (hfogel@uarts.edu) at University of the Artsor Kathryn Kolb (kathrynkolb@bellsouth.net).







Photographs: Dynamics of Nature show, Sol Mednick Gallery, University of the Arts