Wildflowers & Big Trees


Join Kathryn Kolb and long time friend and fellow naturalist Shirl Parsons on a photography outing to one of Georgia's little-known treasures in the Cooper Creek Scenic Area near the Blood Mountain Wilderness and Appalachian Trail.

We'll be going into an old growth cove that hosts Tulip Poplar trees up to 17 feet in circumference, and there are a wide variety of wildflowers along this unusually flat trail that ends just a little before the cove.  We'll walk a short way off-trail, but the terrain is gentle and in all we'll walk about 2 miles round-trip.


Spring is late this year so I expect we'll see some wildflowers that usually bloom in earlier in May, plus with all the rain, we should see some very large plant specimens and an overall lush forest environment. If we have time we'll add a detour along a beautiful creek on the way back.




Our photography will focus on Kathryn's specialty — artful, abstract natural forms and landscape details. Please bring a tripod if you have one, and you are welcome to bring along a film camera (35 mm or medium format) too if you'd like.

Kathryn will additionally share knowledge on identifying some trees, wildflowers other plants as well as some of the neo-tropical migrant songbirds that have just arrived at the higher elevations in N GA to nest for the summer.

Our photography day will begin at 9:30 AM thru approx. 3:30 PM — bring your own snacks and lunch. Confirmed participants will be sent detailed directions and prep notes.



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  • Mohamed


    Natasha Caines-Buffett – I am so jealous!!! My hubsand bought me a Canon Rebel XS for Christmas and I have no idea how to use it properly I say I set it on the Dummy settings and just point and shoot. I love my camera and feel really important zooming the one and only lens in and out (friends think I know what I am doing). It’s only by fluke that I get some of the pics I get I think! You photographed my sister’s wedding at Strawberry Hill/Humber Valley Resort (Nadean and Craig) and I was amazed at your work. When I saw the posting for the beginner workshop I thought wicked, but unfortunately the dates conflicted with my teaching schedule and end-of-the-school-year things. I keep checking your site to see when you will offer another one and hope to possibly make the trip across the island to attend. The photos from the session seemed like it was a blast informative and fun!!! Natasha


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